Occurrence: DFOC:Mon Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2004:N2:22

An occurrence is a sighting of multiple animals together over a short interval. Learn more.

Group Behavior:  

Number marked individuals participating: 7

Estimated total individuals participating:  

Location ID: NBC

7 Encounter(s)

Date ID Location Data Types Number Alternate ID Sex Behavior Haplotype
2004-8-16 17:02 460173 British Columbia 12507 BCY0290 unknown Unknown  
2004-8-16 17:02 460252 British Columbia 12508 BCX0103 unknown Unknown  
2004-8-16 17:02 460001 British Columbia 12509 BCZ0211 unknown Unknown  
2004-8-16 17:02 460395 British Columbia 12510 BCX0707 female Unknown  
2004-8-16 17:02 460239 British Columbia 12511 BCX0697 unknown Unknown  
2004-8-16 17:02 460275 British Columbia 12513 BCX0662 female Unknown  
2004-8-16 17:02 460011 British Columbia 12514 BCZ0212 unknown Unknown  

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If more than one point is mapped for the marked individual, the map also displays chevrons to guide you from the first sighting (shown as a green icon) to each subsequent sighting over time. The chevrons do NOT represent a path of travel, just a sequential link across time.

For the marked individuals participating in this occurrence, other sighting locations OUTSIDE OF the time and space boundaries of the occurrence have been mapped in gray to help show connectivity.